Domain Registration

All Register1 domain registrations include our FREE Domain Parking services...


All domains registered with Register1 include:



Domain Parking Options:


What are the benefits of a Domain Name?

When you register a domain name, combined with a web-hosting package such as our Virtual Servers, your website will be accessible at www.yourdomain.ext. For example if you buy a domain with a .com extension your domain name will be, or if you buy a domain with a .biz extension your domain will be And, you can receive email as, for example, or


Domain Parking Options

If you do not require a web hosting package at the moment you can benefit from Register1's FREE Domain Parking Services. You can add email forwarding and Banner-free web fowarding for NOTHING!


How do I Order a Domain Name?

Once you have decided you want a domain name, the next stage is to find a suitable name that is available. To assist, we have provided a domain search utility, which will take you to the domain registration form if your search is successful. If you require a domain extension that is not on our standard list please email us.

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