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Virtual Servers (VDS)

A Virtual Domain Server, or VDS, is specialised software platform that provides a secured private space for your hosted services. With VDS technology, your web site is provided with more of the functionality and services of a dedicated physical server than typically available on Shared Hosting Platforms. VDS technology allows us to provide your site with its own customisable instance of a Web server, Mail server, Database server and other applications. By being setup inside a VDS, your data and configuration files are completely isolated from other sites on the same physical server by means of secured access and partitioning. If a site crashes its Web Application, for example, this will not affect any other site hosted on the same machine. With a VDS, you get full control over all aspects of website administration: FTP and email accounts, aliases, DNS configuration, ValueApp application installation, and more.
  • VDS Professional

    from £66.00/yr
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      • 10GB Storage

      • 100GB Bandwidth

      • 1 Domain

      • 10 Email Accounts

      • 5 MySQL Database

  • VDS Business

    from £99.00/yr
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      • 15GB Storage

      • 150GB Bandwidth

      • 3 Domain

      • 25 Email Accounts

      • 10 MySQL Database

  • VDS Enterprise

    from £129.00/yr
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      • 20GB Storage

      • 2-0GB Bandwidth

      • 8 Domain

      • 50 Email Accounts

      • 20 MySQL Database

Included With Every Plan
  • VDS technology securely isolates your services from other sites residing on the same server.
  • You can remotely manage your services with our user-friendly control panel
  • Because the services are exclusive to your server, complex configurations can be put in place.
  • Easy, flexible site management features, including:
  • FTP, mail and aliases management
  • DNS management
  • Resource reporting- quota alerts and usage reports
  • Register1 Server Application installation and configuration
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