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A Virtual Domain Server, or VDS, is specialised software platform that provides a secured private space for your hosted services. With VDS technology, your web site is provided with more of the functionality and services of a dedicated physical server than typically available on Shared Hosting Platforms.


Starting At£2.75 per month

VDS Professional


Starting At£5.50per month

VDS Business


Starting At£8.27 per month

VDS Enterprise

VDS Packages Price Details

VDS Professional10GB100GB1 Domain10 Email Accounts5 Databases< £33/yearOrder Now
VDS Business15GB150GB3 Domains25 Email Accounts10 Databases£66/yearOrder Now
VDS Enterprise20GB200GB8 Domains50 Email Accounts20 Databases< £99/yearOrder Now

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General FAQ

Here are some of our most common FAQs. If you can't find what you’re looking for, please contact a member of the Register1 customer support team.

Web hosting is the ability for you to use our hardware and infrastructure to host or manage your websites. We manage a vast data centre and Server farm that we slice up and allow you to use. Your customers get world class performance and availability and you pay a fraction of the costs of purchasing and managing servers in-house.
Web hosting is sometimes known as shared hosting, this is because we share or slice the capability of the platform and allow you to put your website on a small fraction of it. Then we manage and support the platform as a whole to make sure your site is always available for your customers.
With a Shared Web Hosting account we slice the server and storage capability and give your website a small portion of it. With the Register1 Cloud Dedicated Server, you get a whole server all to yourself.
For Cloud Web Hosting, there isn’t a great deal of difference, but you may make your choice depending on your preferred development tools. If you normally use WordPress or other Web Apps, or you expect to need Advanced Scripting with Ruby or Python, you should probably choose Linux. If you are more expert with ASP and ASP.NET you should probably choose Windows. Our web hosting packages default to Windows at the start, but you can change your mind and the storage systems used in Cluster web hosting are heterogeneous and can work with both.